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Satisfactory EN - Global Steam Key
Why You Should Purchase Satisfactory: Passion for Building: If constructing and designing intricate systems is your idea of fun, Satisfactory is for you. Love for Exploration: The game features an expansive open world on an alien planet ripe for exploration. Management Skills: Sharpen your managerial abilities by orchestrating the logistics of a complex factory. Mastering Industrial Complexes in Satisfactory Step into the role of an overseer on an alien planet, tasked with establishing and expanding a network of factories. Satisfactory combines resource management, construction, and exploration within a massive, immersive world. Start from scratch and guide the development of your very own industrial empire. Construct Your Dream Factory In Satisfactory, you are in charge of every detail, from laying out the blueprint to the final execution of a functioning factory. Manage resources efficiently and optimize production lines to ensure peak operation. Enhance and expand your facilities with advanced technologies and new infrastructure as you progress. Navigate the expansive terrain with the help of various vehicles and even jetpacks, essential for covering the game’s vast 30 square kilometers of alien landscapes teeming with unique flora and fauna. Collaborative Play and Modding Engage in Satisfactory’s multiplayer mode to team up with friends and tackle projects together. The game supports an active modding community, providing endless possibilities through custom content. From unique items to entirely new structures, mod support allows for a highly personalized and ever-evolving gameplay experience. Key Features: Expansive Open World: Dive into a 30 square kilometer alien planet filled with mysteries. First-Person Gameplay: Immerse yourself in the building and exploration from a first-person perspective. Multiplayer Capability: Join forces with others in cooperative gameplay to build and explore together. Diverse Vehicles: Utilize a wide array of vehicles to navigate and manage your expanding empire effectively. Satisfactory is not just a game about building factories; it’s an adventure in managing complexity and exploring new frontiers. Whether solo or with friends, it offers a dynamic, engaging experience for fans of strategy, construction, and management genres.
System requirements

i5-3570 3.4 GHz 4 Core
Dedicated graphics card, GTX 770 2GB
8 GB
15 GB
Windows 7 or later (64-Bit)
Internet connection required for multiplayer. The game is in early access and minimum requirements may change.
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